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Network & Team

GSC4 Team

GSC4 team consists of a group of partners that have distinguished themselves as experts in various disciplines, with many years of international experience in the different areas of state structures, economy, administration of justice and diplomacy. The exceptional qualifications of our partners allow them to advise clients facing problems that require specific commercial, cultural, political and geographic expertise.

Based in Berlin, the top class GSC4 team advises international corporations, law firms, banks and private customers.

GSC4 Network

GSC4 has strong investigative capabilities, based on an international network of proven contributors with access to key interfaces between politics, business and society. We focus on delivering the highest quality and ensuring strict adherence to compliance requirements with our entire team, as well as dedicated contributors and analysts.

GSC4 has extraordinary insights to the markets of Russia and the countries of the CIS, but also in Eastern Europe, China and some other countries of the Arab world. The territorial expertise is complemented by the cooperation between GSC4 and partner companies and specialists who support us in other regions with their regional expertise. GSC4 also cooperates with partner companies and specialists that have expertise in other regions.

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