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What we offer

GSC4 specializes in strategic consulting and investigative enquiries for companies seeking to enter new markets or compete in challenging markets. These include the analysis of economic and political conditions, the causes for critical situations, investigative background research and the development of strategies for solving problems. Regardless of whether clients seek support  precautionary or to manage a crisis situation, GSC4 is an experienced consultant at their side. 

GSC4 has strong investigative capabilities, based on an international network of proven contributors with access to key interfaces between politics, business and society. We focus on delivering the highest quality and insuring strict adherence to compliance requirements with our entire team, as well as dedicated contributors and analysts.

GSC4 Services

Die GSC4 offers their services to their clients on the highest quality levels such as: 


  • Political and commercial risk analysis - risk management advice

  • Due diligence of companies and persons

  • Market and competitor analyzes 

  • Development of strategies and roadmaps for project realization in complicated markets

  • Assistance in project implementation and problem solving

  • Government Relations

  • support compliance with regulations


We also support our clients, in cooperation with our team of internationally experienced legal experts and investigators, .

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